Friday 8th April 2022


Opening and lectures


9:30               Opening greetings: P.R. Spena, J. Thorkelsson

10:00               Lectures – Chairman: R. Aloesio

10:00               Ostomy in the world: C.Pezcoller

10:20               Narrative medicine-learning from patient experience to improve quality of life: M.G. Marini

10:40               The role of ECET: G. Kroboth

11:00               Stoma, job and sport: A. Bondurri, M. Zamprogno

11:30              short BREAK

11:45               Stoma and food: A. Villarini, G. Villa

12:15               Stoma, personal relationship and pregnancy: F. Guidolin, M. Guercio

12:45              The evolution of Stomatherapy creating a well-constructed stoma: R.J. Nicholls


13:15                BREAK


14:15               Survey results: I. Grosu, E. Lesinska

14:30              – Special problems for ostomates caused by the Health Care System in member countries
                        – Current and future cooperations to support ostomates in need
                        (Where? Who? Which aims? Which means? Communication to EC …): J. Thorkelsson (Moderation)

15:45               short BREAK

16:00              Special projects: M. Hass (Moderation)

Members’ projects (World Ostomy Day and other projects):

– New project in Zimbabwe and perhaps more: M .Steen

– Projects of members

EC project: Kock Pouch Project: M .Hass

17:00               World Ostomy Award: J. Thorkelsson and Coloplast 

17:30               End of the 1st day

                                  Saturday 9th April 2022  

                                         Delegates reserved room


House of Delegates




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